Photo: Seiji Mizuno

    Movie : Kaoru Imafuku, Coordinate : maart Ltd.

ILY-A is a futuristic mobility device that transforms itself to meet the needs of various everyday situations. Driven by intelligent safety technology applied from the field of robotics, it will serve as futuristic “legs” for people of all ages, from youths to active seniors, supporting their locomotion and activities in a wide range of scenes. ILY-A is a three-wheel one-person compact electric mobility vehicle that transforms into four configurations to meet the needs of a wide variety of situations. The ultra compact body is about the size of a baby stroller and it contains all-new robotics-based intelligent safety technology. It recognizes all stationary and moving objects such as a person or an obstacle suddenly jumping into view, and automatically reduces speed and controls the brakes. It is a neo-futuristic vehicle that was developed in a style that is safe, is easy to use, and will help expand people’s worlds, thereby creating a society in which people of all ages can cheerfully and actively take part. With ILY-A, we propose a lifestyle with greater range of activities and strive to establish this vehicle as a new standard tool for people’s everyday life.


1. Four modes: transforms into four configurations of “vehicle,” “kickboard,” “cart,” and “carry.” - A wide range of everyday needs, from transportation, sports, exercising, shopping, to walking assistance can be covered with this one vehicle. - Reestablishing a new concept for short-distance mobility that encompasses an automobile, mobility scooter for seniors, baby stroller, shopping cart, and kickboard.

2. Safety assistance supported by robotics: Even though it is an ultra-compact mobility device, it comes with intelligent safety technology developed by applying robot technology. - Detects whether obstacles are still or in motion, and regulates the speed of the vehicle. - Comes with intelligent self-monitoring function. ILY-A consistently checks its own condition for any irregularities in the system.

3. Includes a “carry” mode for easy portability anywhere - The “carry” mode allows for easy portability. The rider can expand travel distances even further by combining with other means of transportation such as trains and cars.

Four Configuration Modes

Today, the vehicles of choice for traveling short distances in the city are usually a bicycle or mobility scooter, while some younger people may take a more sporty option of using a kickboard or skateboard. A shopping cart is used when shopping, baby stroller for carrying a baby, and walker for those elderly persons who have difficulty walking. Depending on the scene and needs in our everyday lives, we use a wide range of riding vehicles and walking aids. We are perhaps at a point when all of these mobility devices ought to be integrated and reestablished so that people of all ages can engage in activities with greater ease. ILY-A is so simple to use and can easily fit into our everyday lives and culture, it can function as our partner. It can be folded into four different shapes that integrate and redefine all forms of mobility devices including those used for transportation, sports, exercises, shopping, physical therapy, and much more.

Vehicle Mode Mode for cruising. Focus was placed on riding posture, especially the right eye level.
Kickboard Mode Mode to enjoy moving the body for maintaining good physical health or as a sport. The device can be pushed, and when tired, be motor-powered.
Cart Mode The mode of choice for carrying things. It can also be used for walking training or other types of physical therapy, or as a walker to aid in walking.
Carry Mode The device can be folded into a compact size for easy storage. It is so easy to carry around that it will expand the possibilities for travel.

Robot Technology for Safety Assistance

Intelligent safety function, intelligent self-monitoring function, and maneuver assistance function group. “The higher the quality of technology, the more possible it is to realize simplicity/peace of mind/safety.” With the goal of creating a mobility device that can serve as a partner and can be used worry-free in a variety of everyday situations for a person of any age, we applied robot technology to develop and install an intelligent safety function and intelligent self-monitoring function. We have also added various operational assistance functions for each of the four configurations.

·intelligent safety function
The superior robotics and real-time map-making technology using a laser sensor located under the handles allow the device to assess its surroundings, making intelligent speed regulation possible. When there are many obstacles, the vehicle automatically reduces its speed and will put on its own brakes if in danger of a collision.

·intelligent self-monitoring function
Is the navigation pad functioning normally? Is the drive-train okay? Are the computer system and distributed communication system working? ILY-A constantly diagnoses and monitors itself. In the event of malfunctioning, it will promptly go into emergency stop mode to prevent accidents before they happen.

·maneuver assistance function group
In the kickboard mode, the vehicle automatically distinguishes between manual and motor-driven maneuver and controls the wheels accordingly. In the cart mode, the left and right sides of the joy pad are switched, allowing for an intuitive operation. The device is also mounted with other operational assistance software in order to provide detailed support for transportation and movements.