HallucII: The Next-Generation Robotic Vehicle


Equipped with 8 robotic leg-modules, the HallucII allows three types of mobility, i.e., vehicle mode, insect mode, animal mode. The capability of the transformation including drive-mode switching between wheel-cruising and leg-walking can offer the superior mobility performance.

The leg modules are internally connected via on-board computer network. The entire robotic vehicle motion is then produced by a central computer system, based on the intelligent integration technology of the information, provided by the operator commanding and the on-board sensor units detecting the surrounding environment.

This project, jointly coordinated by Leading Edge Design, Corp., and Future Robotics Technology Center at Chiba Institute of Technology.(*1)

Specifications : Semi-Autonomous Mobility Robot

Number of Joints 32 (4 joints × 8 leg modules)
Number of Actuators 56 motor units, in total
On-board Sensors laser rangefinders (laser sensors for obstacle detections), infrared sensors for obstacle detections and for road-surface monitoring, inclinometers & CCD network camera


1. extra super duralumin
2. carbon fiber reinforced plastic
3. acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin


  • L.E.D. (Leading Edge Design)
    Design engineering group led by Shunji Yamanaka, an industrial designer.  L.E.D. specializes in the development of various types of advanced instruments including the two-thumbs keyboard “tagtype”, Humanoid “morph3”, Issei Miyake’s wristwatch “INSETTO”, and the wireless card ticket examination system “SUICA”, all of which have been developed in recent years.