The goal of fuRo, the Future Robotics Technology Center, is to contribute with robot technologies to progress in human civilization and culture. Robotics is a composite field that involves all aspects of engineering, and we expect to move forward working closely with all the university faculties and departments. Another of our important tasks is to train young researchers.

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fuRo's robot development capabilities are world-class.

Robot technologies will be an essential element in the formation of the society, life and culture of the future. At fuRo we have gathered the technologies and technologists needed to conduct R&D in next-generation technologies. The morph team that made up the robot development group at the Japan Science and Technology Agency has relocated in total to the Chiba Institute of Technology. fuRo is at the core of collaborations within and beyond the academy to develop the technologies of the future.

fuRo executes robots of the future never seen before.

Projects including joint research with the world-renowned industrial designer Shunji Yamanaka of Leading Edge Design inject the arts into robot technology and reach beyond conventional concepts. New machines of the future result from the incorporation of product design techniques. We are envisioning and delivering new ways of living for human beings.

fuRo creates new robot industry sectors.

Numerous joint research and development projects are already underway with several major companies. With robot technologies at their core, they involve the fusion of a wide range of technologies. We are engaged in active collaboration with the private sector to develop the underlying technologies for new industrial sectors and foster market demand for their product with the aim of bringing about new robot technologies and business sectors.

fuRo logo "fuRo" is an old Italian word that means existence, life, essence. The fuRo logo is modeled on chromosomes, symbolizing the evolution of robots.

Title fuRo (Future Robotics Technology Center)
Distinctions Robotics research center directly subordinate to educational corporation
Preeminent role in future industries and technologies
Executive Director
:Takayuki Furuta
Deputy Director
:Masahiro Tomono
General manager
:Masahiro Sakigawara
10 additional researchers
Location 8th fl, Bldg 8, Tsudanuma Campus, Chiba Institute of Technology