T-iROBO Rebar

T-iROBO Reaber

There is a need to improve work efficiency and productivity in the area of Reinforcement Steel Placement Work, which is the framework of building construction. Issues such as the aging of skilled workers (rebar workers) and labor shortage have also become apparent. Chiba Institute of Technology and Taisei Corporation have teamed up to develop an autonomous robot "T-iROBO Rebar.”

T-iROBO Rebar automatically ties the crossing reinforcing bars with wire and then moves to the next intersection to repeat the procedure. This process, called the rebar connection, accounts for about 20%* of reinforcing steel placement works.

T-iROBO Rebar (i) enables repetition of rebar binding operation accurately, (ii) allows for increased productivity by saving labor costs and improving efficiency, (iii) eases the physical burden of skilled construction workers and (iv) reduces the risk of delay in a project due to the lack of workforce. The features of T-iROBO Rebar are as follows:

(1) The robot will be precisely positioned and repeat the operation of rebar binding accurately using an automated rebar binding machine by detecting the crossing section of steel bars and positions of obstacles automatically using two types of laser censors installed on its body.

(2) Adopting a new movement mechanism, the robot can move stably in four directions on rebar structure. It firmly grips rebar via a tapered wheel and it will not vibrate when it is binding steel bars. There is a built-in feature on the wheels that absorbs errors in the arrangement of the steel bars of rebar. This in turn allows the robot to move smoothly on the rebar.

(3)Since the operation of binding reinforcing bar accounts for about 20% of reinforcing steel placement works, introduction of T-iROBO Rebar enables about 20% of labor saving. Simultaneous operation of binding reinforcement bar by robot and other operations by construction engineers improves work efficiency by 10-20 % of the whole project.

(4)The robot is compact (about 40cm x 50cm x 30cm) and light (under 20kg), and can be easily carried by a single worker.

Chiba Institute of Technology and Taisei Corporation will introduce T-iROBO Rebar to construction sites from the 2018 fiscal year on a large scale and will continue to improve robotic features such as performance, usability and durability. Together we will enhance rebar operation productivity by laborsaving and increased efficiency for rebar binding. 
* The result of the rebar operation breakdown survey at Taisei Corporation.



External Dimensions Length 640 mm, Width 568 mm, Height 315 mm
weight 20 kg
Drive System Four-wheel drive + Parallel-Link mechanism
Motor DC motors
Speed Longitudinal mobility 160 mm/s, Lateral mobility 35 mm/s
Power Source 174 Wh, Lithium-Ion buttery
Buttery 5 hours

T-iROBO Rebar

T-iROBO Rebar

T-iROBO Rebar