Halluc IIx


Photo: Seiji Mizuno

Movie : Kaoru Imafuku, Coordinate : maart Ltd.

The concept of Halluc II, model 2 of the Hallucigenia project, is a future vehicle that can co-exists with natural environment. It features a newly developed ultra-multi-motored system with 56 motors, which makes traveling on unpaved surfaces possible and eliminates the need for paving. It transforms into three modes: vehicle, insect, and animal mode. The fusion of humanoid robot technologies and automobile technologies realized the unprecedented mobility of Halluc II. ILY-A and Halluc IIx exhibited and demonstrated at Ars Electronica Festival 2015, which took place from Sep 3 to 7, 2015, in Linz, Austria. This was the world premiere of the newest creation of the Hallucigenia project, called Halluc IIx.

Hallucigenia projects
Halluc II

This project, jointly coordinated by Shunji Yamanaka and Future Robotics Technology Center at Chiba Institute of Technology.